Economic Development Authority (EDA)

Fiscal Year 2023

Department Overview

To promote economic development with the city in the forms of new development, redevelopment, workforces and overall growth of the City.


  • Approved Tax Increment Financing for CDI for a 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility.
  • Assisted KAMP Automation with a $800,000 DEED JCF Application, $140,000 DEED MIF package and TIF for approved 50,000 manufacturing facility.
  • Approved a development agreement for the sale of the former Bubba's building for a future wine lounge.
  • Expanded the EDA forgivable loan program.
  • Completion of the Marriot Courtyard Hotel downtown and the streetscape project.


  • Continue to usage of the EDA forgivable loan program.
  • Begin construction of Riverfront Project.
  • Continue efforts to fill vacant commercial buildings including city owned properties.
  • Continue efforts to recruit commercial and industrial businesses.
  • Work with OPED on priorities for economic development.

Financial Information



Staffing Analysis

There are no FTE dedicated to this department. A portion of the wages from the Planning & Zoning department are allocated to this budget.