Information Technology

Fiscal Year 2024

Program Overview

The Information Technology Department recommends and implements secure technology solutions that helps the organization leverage technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness to meet the City’s overall goals in a manner that is timely and cost effective.


• Conducted a thorough review of our website content to ensure up to date and accurate information.

• Updated and improved main navigation menus of the City’s website.

• Working with other departments we launched a new app SeeClickFix, an online tool for citizens to submit inquiries and requests.

• Worked with other departments to add closed captioning to TV Programming that we record and produce on the City’s public TV channels.


• Redesign of the City website

• Improve Cybersecurity through installation of new Firewalls, additional security software, and training.

• Develop a cyber security and disaster recovery plan.

• Work on an agreement with OPU to share their Fiber Infrastructure throughout the City to save funds and improve connectivity to various locations.

Financial Information