Fiscal Year 2023

Department Overview

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to provide the residents and businesses of the City of Owatonna with high-quality, efficient, and responsive services in engineering, street maintenance, stormwater and wastewater.


  • Participated in planning efforts for the
  • Completed Phase I of the downtown revitalization project
  • Completed Truman Avenue reconstruction
  • Completion of annual overlay and street maintenance projects
  • Received additional Federal funds for completion of 18th Street SE and trail from Austin Road to Bixby Road.
  • Implemented Citizens services for online permit applications
  • future East Side Corridor (29th Avenue)


  • Complete Phase II of the downtown revitalization project, Vine Street Parking Lot
  • Implementation of Cartegraph for ADA transition plan
  • Evaluate results of stormwater plan update and prioritize projects for completion
  • Evaluate results of sanitary sewer plan update and prioritize projects for completion
  • Havana Road reconstruction, Truman to Smith
  • Prepare plans for trail development from Linn to Austin Road along 18th Street South
  • Construction of 18th Street SE and CSAH 48 Roundabout
  • Develop 29th Avenue funding plan and explore options for federal funding, including federal funds available for grade separation projects with the goal of the removal of Havana Road RR crossing and replacement with an overpass on 29th Avenue

Financial Information



Staffing Analysis