City Council & Appointed Officials

Fiscal Year 2024

Thomas A. Kuntz

Mayor of Owatonna

Greg Schultz

Council President - Second Ward

Kevin Raney

Council Vice President - Fourth Ward

Doug Voss

Council Member at Large

Dan Boeke

Council Member at Large

Nathan Dotson

Council Member - First Ward

Dave Burbank

Council Member - Third Ward

Brent Svenby

Council Member - Fifth Ward

Appointed Officials

City Administrator

City Engineer-Director of Public Works

Finance Director

Chief of Police

Fire Chief

Director of Community Development

Library Director

Director of Parks and Recreation

Director of Human Resources

Director of Information Technology

City Attorney

Kris Busse

Sean Murphy

Rhonda Moen

Jeff Mundale

Ed Hoffman

Troy Klecker

Mark Blando

Jenna Tuma

Emily Thamert

Ryan Brown

Mark Walbran