Building Inspection

Fiscal Year 2023

Department Overview

The mission of the Owatonna Building Inspections Division is to protect the lives and safety of the public, preserve quality of life, and contribute to economic development. Our philosophy is based upon enforcement of building codes in an atmosphere of cooperation, open communication, and focusing on a long-term commitment to our community.


  • In the process of completing the new Citizen Service portion of the online permitting process
  • Backfilled an inspector position
  • Minor Residential plan review can be done electronically
  • Started scanning new construction projects for retention
  • Further enforced blighted building maintenance/repairs


  • Continue to expand and upgrade online Citizen Serve for a better use experience by both the public and staff
  • Complete reorganizing our web page to remove redundant information
  • Find new ways to engage staff to ensure employee retention
  • Add an additional inspector position
  • Begin the majority of plan review electronically including commercial projects

Financial Information



Staffing Analysis