Fiscal Year 2023

Program Overview

Enhance the quality of life through implementation of the City's Strategic Plan.


Streamlined and improved efficiencies of the Council Agenda process through implementation of new agenda management software, Civic Clerk

Developed a City Council approved Comprehensive Communication plan and Crisis Communication plan

Improved public outreach through "Community Chronicles, City Spotlight Videos, added State of the City video to the city website

Reviewed results and developing plan to address findings of the Building Task Force

Participated in implementation of new Enterprise Resource Planning software "OpenGov

Update three-year Strategic Plan

Hired new Police Chief

Continued partnerships and collaborations with Steele County- transportation, School district - joint use of chambers


Continuous improvement to organizational effectiveness through full implementation of OpenGov ERP software

Complete facilitated strategic planning process

Assist with community wide branding project

Continue lobbying efforts for 29th avenue, WWTP expansion, LGA

Implementation of building task force findings

Explore sales tax option for potential long term projects

Financial Information