Human Resources

Fiscal Year 2023

Program Overview

The Human Resources Department is dedicated to partnering and supporting each City Department and its employees to attract, develop, reward and retain a high performing municipal workforce.


  • Customer service evaluation for the Human Resources Department completed with all Department Heads
  • Market review compensation study (pending completion - Oct 2022)
  • Personnel files transferred to Laserfiche for document management efficiency (pending completion - Fall 2022)
  • City wide diversity training including implicit bias (pending completion - Fall 2022)
  • Focused on serving the employee as a whole
  • Increased employee recruitment and community engagement efforts
  • Assisted City Council with the implementation of a workplace culture assessment
  • Created a Human Resources Teams Channel to improve internal communication


  • Follow through on action items identified in the culture assessment blueprint
  • Develop a comprehensive internal communication plan that includes physical and mental well-being resources
  • Facilitate supervisor training across all City departments
  • Develop succession planning tools and a comprehensive onboarding process for regular employees

Financial Information