Please update your sprinkler system according to your zone.

reclaimed water schedule ormond beach

Due to increased demand, the reclaimed water levels dropped below the threshold for fire suppression needs. The areas of North Peninsula, South Peninsula, North Breakaway, South Breakaway, Forest Quest, Briargate, Deer Creek, and Hunter’s Ridge have to be placed on a water rotation schedule to ensure reuse water supplies remain adequate during this high demand period.

Utilizing reclaimed water for irrigation, just as for potable water, should be limited to only that amount necessary to meet landscape needs. Please do your part to use reclaimed water wisely and do not leave your sprinkler system constantly open and on for use whenever the water is turned back on for your zone. This will lead to an increase in reclaimed water usage during a time of much-needed conservation.

Please contact the Public Works Department with any questions at (386) 676-3220

Did You Know?

Watering in excess is actually detrimental to maintaining a healthy landscape! The St. John’s River Water Management District recommends the following for a healthy landscape:

  • Irrigate no more than twice (2x) per week

  • Irrigate no more than ¾ inch of water per zone per irrigation day
  • Irrigate no more than one hour per irrigation zone per irrigation day

no water 10am  to 4pm

Avoid the Heat of the Day

This avoids watering during times of high evaporation.