Recycling Markets: How they impact the City of Ormond Beach Curbside Recycling Program?

The City of Ormond Beach Recycling Program.

The City of Ormond Beach began its curbside recycling program in 1990 with a “pilot” Recycling program involving 700 residential homes. Today that program has expanded to over 18,000 residential units. The Ormond Beach Recycling Program began collecting Newspapers and their inserts, magazines, telephone books, aluminum cans, steel/tin cans, #1 PET, #2 HDPE plastic food and beverage containers, OCC old corrugated cardboard and all colors of glass food and beverage bottles.

China's "National Sword" policy forces U.S. to rethink Recycling.

In 2016, the United States alone exported 16 million tons of material to China, or $5.2 billion worth of commodities.

In 2017, China announces the “National Sword” policy places a ban on importing recyclable commodities to China, effectively reducing or eliminating recycling commodity markets, forcing the United States to rethink Recycling.

Ormond Beach Modifies Recycling Stream.

On April 1, 2019 the City of Ormond Beach will no longer collect glass bottles and jars. All glass containers should be placed into the solid waste (garbage) containers for collection and disposal.

What Recyclable and What's Not
Recycling Basics

Why is the recycle rate increasing while the service is reduced?

The recycling rate increase is due to a processing fee charged by the material recovery facility (MRF), owned and operated by the City’s recycling provider, Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. The cost of processing recyclables has experienced significant increases recently and resulted in an overall processing fee, where none existed before.

In 2017, China announced the “National Sword” policy which placed a ban on importing recyclable material to China, dramatically reducing recycling commodity markets and forcing the United States to rethink its recycling costs and programs. As a result, cities have either suspended or modified their recycling program.

Committed to environmental principles, the City of Ormond Beach worked in partnership with Waste Pro to formulate a sustainable and affordable recycling program. The cost increase is a direct result of the increase in processing fees, however, to minimize the impact on residents, the City eliminated glass from its recycling program. Previously, mixed glass was being ground and used for daily cover at the landfill, but, due to an overabundance of material it now has little to no value. To avoid unnecessary processing fees on this material, the City eliminated glass until a viable market is identified.

Likewise, the City launched an educational campaign to reduce recycling contamination. Contamination in the recycling stream has two significant effects: 1) it contaminates material that would otherwise be recyclable and causes large quantities to shift to the landfill, and 2) it increases recycling costs by adding volume to the material recovery facility which impacts the city’s processing fees.

The City of Ormond Beach and Waste Pro continue to work together to address the changes in the recycling market and offer the most effective and affordable recycling program to residents.

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