State of the City

Navigating the New Horizon

State of the City 2020

The City of Ormond Beach began 2020 just like many years in the recent past; the state-of-the-city could be best described as exciting and hopeful in anticipation of the great things to come. We were seeing low unemployment rates, most local businesses were prospering, and many were even expanding. Tourism was increasing and our downtown was thriving. Ormond Beach was well on its way to another great year in our charming community.

Then in late March, COVID-19 changed all of our lives. Schools closed. Events were cancelled. Local businesses were operating under social distancing guidelines or pivoting their business model to meet the new needs of local residents and beyond. Suddenly, there were no easy answers. Even today, there are still no easy answers as we all continue to navigate this new horizon together.

The true state of our city in the year 2020 will be measured by teamwork, ingenuity, commitment, collaboration, perseverance, and hope.