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State of the City 2021

The past two years are ones that our city will always remember – not just for the unprecedented challenges they brought, but for the way Ormond Beach came together to overcome them. Friend helping friend, neighbor helping neighbor, business helping business.

The people of Ormond Beach are making real investments creating jobs, safeguarding neighborhoods, supporting local businesses, and fostering a community where families can work and play together.

As we began this year, we have seen Ormond Beach and its business community THRIVE. We have seen our community join together and progress forward despite uncertain and challenging circumstances.

The labor force continues to grow and the unemployment rate has fallen dramatically to just 5% as of July 2021. Since January of this year over nine hundred jobs were added to our economy. This thriving economic indicator truly demonstrates the upturn for so many companies in our City.

"Today, Ormond Beach is the kind of place many people are searching for... It is small scale, manageable, quaint but with an appealing main drag and evocative of the mythical Old Florida." - Traveler's Weekly (June 2021)