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Have any additional questions regarding The OB Life Public Safety: Police, Fire & Emergency Preparedness meeting on September 25, 2018.

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Community Engagement Series

We hope you've seen the flyer in your utility bill or heard the buzz in the community about The OB Life. It's an ongoing commitment by the City of Ormond Beach to involve residents in their city. From monthly meetings focused on creating a future that maintains our unique qualities, to increased transparency and openness, to this new website portal called OpenGov where we share information and seek input, we're all working together to create The OB Life.

Ideas from the monthly meetings will be shared with the Ormond City Commission as they update the City's strategic plan in 2019. Ormond Beach is your city. Help us define what makes The OB Life special and share your ideas on helping shape our future.

This website portal will be routinely updated with polling questions, poll results, meeting synopses and other exciting information pertinent to this community engagement initiative.

See below for the full schedule of monthly community meetings followed by a meeting synopsis as they are posted.

Thank you for your interest, assistance and participation in making The OB Life special.


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