MetroNet in Ormond Beach

Questions and Concerns

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who granted MetroNet permission to dig in Ormond Beach?

Florida Statutes (F.S. 337.401) allows public utilities, including telecommunication providers to occupy public rights of way, and prevents local municipalities from enacting rules or regulations that are unreasonable or discriminatory. Cities, such as Ormond Beach are permitted to require utilities wishing to occupy the public right of way to register with the City, and submit for a permit that identifies the size and location of these facilities. The City uses this permit review to ensure that these facilities are installed in a manner that does not interfere with the use of roadways, private property or public utilities.

2. What exactly is MetroNet doing and why?

MetroNet is currently in the process of installing fiber optic internet cables in Ormond Beach. As an established internet service provider, MetroNet offers high-speed internet service options for customers in areas where they operate. This installation project will improve network infrastructure and potentially enhance internet speeds and reliability for local residents and businesses.

3. Why are MetroNet workers on my property?

In most cases, MetroNet workers are not directly on your property but rather operating within the public Right-of-Way (ROW). The ROW, which is usually wider than the paved roadway, often extends onto what appears to be private property. On side streets, it is typically 50 feet wide and can be wider on more frequently traveled roadways.

4. Is MetroNet allowed to use my yard as a parking lot?

MetroNet is not permitted to use your yard as a parking lot without your express permission. If you observe vehicles in what appears to be your yard, they are likely parked within the ROW, where they have authorization to park.

5. Why are there so many flags and painted marks in my yard?

The flags and paint marks you see are part of the utility location process. Prior to any excavation work, the contractor is required to request that all existing utilities mark their underground facilities to minimize the risk of accidental damage during the installation process.

Different colors are used to denote different utilities, with each utility type having a designated color. The contractor has 30 days from the time the location request is made to complete their work. If the work is not completed in that time, they can "recall" the location request for an additional 30 days.