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Osceola Elementary Is In Danger of Being Eliminated!

We need your help Ormond Beach! Osceola Elementary has been a foundational piece of our community for more than 65 years and there is a possibility that it will disappear forever. We cannot lose this neighborhood school and force some of the most vulnerable children in our community to travel extremely long distances to school. The funding for this build is the half-cent sales tax referendum that was passed by Volusia County voters to build and update our local schools to the benefit of every school and every student.

Please contact the School Board so they know that you support choosing the Osceola site and protecting what the students call "The Greatest School in the World!"

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Ruben Colon, District 5: [email protected]

As it stands now, the Ortona site has been chosen to build a joint K-5 school and Osceola Elementary will be eliminated as a result. In the face of this pandemic, we do not believe that there has been sufficient public involvement in this project and are asking the Volusia County School Board to reconsider!

One of the big decisions for choosing Ortona seems to be the building of a "portable village" during the construction phase of the site. The Osceola plan seems more inconvenient in the short-term because there would be 22 temporary portables to build versus just 12 temporary portables if the Ortona plan is chosen. These temporary villages will only be around during the construction phase of either school. Most schools are around for at least 50+ years and this temporary portable village problem should outweigh the long-term disadvantages of moving the school population of 400+ children at Osceola that is more than twice the size of the Ortona on a permanent basis.

Ormond Beach will also be losing its only beachside school! Without Osceola, beachside residents all the way up to the Flagler County line will be left with long commutes for their children and Ormond Beach will have lost our beloved beachside gem.

In addition to sending an email, please sign the petition to show support for making sure Osceola Elementary is around for years to come!


Location & Size

71% of the children that will attend this new school live in the Osceola Zone.

The site location at Osceola has 13 acres of space available while Ortona only has 10.5 acres. There will be no room for growth at Ortona while the extra space at Osceola could allow for the gifted program and pre-k - something that currently does not exist on beachside and is much needed!

Student Populations

There are 120 more economically disadvantaged children that will be affected by this school change that attend Osceola.*


Total Number of Students: 406

Number of Economically Disadvantaged Students: 288


Total Number of Students: 203

Number of Economically Disadvantaged Students: 168

*Based on the most recent data available from the Florida Department of Education for the 18/19 School Year. Current school attendance may vary but speaks to the school's compositions. Full data.

Parking & Traffic

Osceola’s plan provides 160 spaces/55 stacked cars, while there will only be 120 parking spaces/40 stacked cars at Ortona. 40 additional parking spaces in the Osceola plan doesn't sound like a lot until the cars are backed up into the surrounding neighborhood or you are circling the school lot repeatedly to try and park to pick up your sick child from the clinic.

Given the location and current traffic patterns, Osceola provides much less disruption to the surrounding neighborhoods and we already have the commitment of the Ormond Beach Police Department to help with idealizing this flow as they have with other district schools.