At the start of this Specific Plan process, the North Tustin Street Specific Plan team (a combination of City staff and consultants) gathered feedback from the public in two formats – an Introductory Survey and Targeted Interviews with key stakeholders. The Introductory Survey was made public on December 22, 2020 and, as of February 12, 2021, has collected over 750 responses. The purpose of the survey was to provide the City and the consultant team with a snapshot of existing conditions, trends and public sentiment in the city regarding the North Tustin Street corridor. The responses from this survey have helped inform the team’s understanding of North Tustin Street’s role in the community, how it is valued and utilized, and what those most familiar with the corridor see as its potential improvements. All responses and comments have been reviewed by the team and a summary of important takeaways is shared below.

In November of 2020, members of the Specific Plan team conducted Targeted Interviews with a variety of community stakeholders that have strong interest in North Tustin Street. These included individuals that own or manage businesses and properties in the North Tustin Street Specific Plan Area, the chamber of commerce, locally focused developers, and commercial real estate brokers. The interviews focused on identifying issues and opportunities for the corridor based on market trends and potential. Interview results provided significant insight to redevelopment viability, desired land use mixes, identification of successful occupancies, entitlement obstacles, density needs, parking, traffic, site amenities such as open space, site connectivity, and right-of-way aesthetics in the Plan Area.

Common themes and key “takeaways” are summarized from both the Introductory Survey and Targeted Interviews and organied by topic below. It is important to note that while many community members and stakeholders shared various sentiments, there are topics on which respondents had differing opinions. Furthermore, because the Plan Area spans a vast length of North Tustin Street, observations about the corridor may vary depending on the interviewees’ primary location of reference. This summary serves as a baseline for ongoing engagement as part of the Specific Plan process and as background information as the team begins work on initial concepts for the Specific Plan. In the next phase of outreach, the team will follow up on the ideas and opinions brought up by the community in this Introductory outreach phase to shape the goals of the Specific Plan and the direction of improvements to explore for North Tustin Street.