The Discovery Workshop and Survey are opportunities for you to further guide the future of North Tustin Street. We received great input from the Introductory Survey and Interviews. Now it’s time to look ahead and imagine the possibilities for the corridor. Share your aspirations for the transformation of the corridor into a thriving destination!

The Discovery Workshop took place on March 4, 2021 with participation from nearly 100 community members. The presentation given during the workshop is provided in the series of short videos below.

  • Part 1 presents an overview of the North Tustin Street Specific Plan
  • Part 2 presents a summary of community input
  • Part 3 presents a summary of existing issues and opportunities from

The Discovery Survey is now live! The survey questions are the same as those asked during the workshop and are intended to explore the types of environments you envision for the corridor and what kinds of change you’d like to see and support.

View the Informational videos and take the DISCOVERY SURVEY now!

Discovery Video Part 1

Overview of the Specific Plan

Discovery Video Part 1: Overview of the Specific Plan provides an overview of the basic context of the North Tustin Street corridor and why the City is embarking on this Specific Plan.

Discovery Video Part 2

What We've Heard

Discovery Video Part 2: What We've Heard provides a summary of the community input received from the Introductory Survey and Targeted Interviews regarding the North Tustin Street corridor.

Discovery Video Part 3

What We've Learned

Discovery Video Part 3: What We've Learned provides an summary of what the consultant team has learned from the existing conditions analyses of the North Tustin Street corridor.