Performance Reporting

Find the insights you need to make effective, data-driven decisions and dynamically improve your strategic initiatives in a collaborative environment.

Spend Less Time

Collecting Data

"OpenGov is a very affordable enhancement to the ERP system and is a much better reporting process. It has been much easier to explain difficult financial numbers to non-financial users of the information. For instance, if you wanted to look at where the budget overruns were you can keep honing into more detail until you get the exact answer your need. OpenGov is very quick compared to running report after report to get the same information. We estimate saving 75% of the time developing reports."

Pueblo County, CO



"OpenGov is a key partner that we utilize to execute and achieve our transparency goals, our civic engagement goals, and to achieve internal efficiencies in terms of data preparation and reporting objectives. They are definitely an important partner in achieving those strategic objectives. We’re looking forward to achieving even greater success together on our continued quest to build public trust."

Illinois State Treasurer

Capturing Performance

Collect department performance metrics easier than even before. Quickly collect and compare operational performance to budget performance.

Budget Projections

Use our new calculations and conditional statements to help prepare current and multi-year financial projections. Quickly compare budget to projected amounts to see if any unfavorable variances are estimated.

Department Comparison

Compare departments on a variety of types of budget and performance information. Examples include; on budget adjustments, proposal types, proposal status, workforce costs, fund balances, service requests, and crime statistics to name a few.

Performance Reporting

This allows you to understand the nuances of your tabular data through dynamic visualizations. The interactive explorer combines sleek, dynamic graphics with a flexible and intuitive interface to easily create custom reports with value-based and percent-based data, showing your percentages visually.

This helps you see a more precise picture of your programs’ outcomes so that you can quickly glean insights and report results internally and externally.

Data Entry

With it, you can uncover insights from disparate data points including CKAN and data entry. You can now enter your data directly into OpenGov without having to go through an ERP integration or Excel. Then, you can visually preview your tabular data.

In this example, that means you can see your information requests, staff times, social media reach, etc.

Data Augmentation

Data augmentation helps you quickly perform data transformations and expedite exports to excel. In this case we can simply change the visualization type, select a particular object, and simply download it directly from the platform.

You can also now work with calculations and conditionals by using math operations between columns or apply if/then statements to create new columns of information.

Tabular Comparisons

You can compare outcomes across programs, departments, business units, and regions. Save your filters to track and analyze performance and inform your budget process.

This lets you preserve your insights and share your findings across departments by creating, saving, and editing views, then toggle through insights and embed in stories.

Data Visualizations

You can tailor your data visualizations to quickly tell your story internally and externally, while staying on-brand for your organization.

The flexible X-axis is text-based and lets you toggle through the aggregate to the granular levels to visualize the nuances in your outcomes.