Where is your money going?

A look at Oklahoma's vendor payments

Which vendors are paid the most by the State of Oklahoma?

In 2019, of the more than $2.4 billion in vendor payments, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority received $167 million, while more than $90.7 million was paid to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. More than $55.5 million was paid to DXC Technology, and $51.3 million went to the Oklahoma Capitol Improvement Authority.

Where is the money going?

The largest portion of the payments has remained in Oklahoma. At $247.5 million to date, payments to Oklahoma-based vendors account for about 78% of the total in FY 2019.

What's staying in Oklahoma?

Since 2015, billions of dollars have been paid to vendors within Oklahoma. Nearly 68% of the state's vendors are located in Oklahoma City.

In January 2019, nearly $18 million was paid to EPIC Charter Schools, Oklahoma's free online pre-K-12 public school. To date since 2016, the school has received more than $56 million from the state.

How much is leaving the State of Oklahoma?

Vendors outside Oklahoma received more than $72 million in January 2019. So far in FY 2019, Texas has received nearly $11 million.

The majority of the payments to out-of-state vendors has been from the Department of Transportation, with over $261 million in vendor payments in 2018.

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