Restoring the Heart of Oklahoma Government

A look at the costs of the Oklahoma State Capitol Restoration Project

Work began in 2015 on plans to restore the century-old Oklahoma State Capitol Building. Headed by Trait Thompson, the Capitol Restoration Project has persisted with those plans and much has been accomplished. Before restoration activities began, the State Capitol had appeared on Preservation Oklahoma's "Most Endangered Places" list twice, and the building had numerous life safety issues due to failing infrastructure. With each passing month, aspects of the building's former glory are reclaimed as it undergoes meticulous restoration work inside and out.

Now, four years later, after extensive updates, demolition is currently underway on the Capitol basement. The entire project is expected to be complete in 2022.

How much does the restoration cost?

In the first two years, expenses totaled more than $16.7 million. More than $48 million was spent in 2018 and more than $58 million in 2019.

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What is the money going toward?

More than $58.9 million has been spent on the Capitol Restoration Project in 2019. Property, furnishings, equipment and related debt account for more than 88% of the total cost. Administrative expenses, personnel and professional services comprise less than 12% of the total costs this year.

Capitol exterior update – April 2019

The video discusses updates to the ongoing exterior restoration of the Oklahoma State Capitol. The final elevation to the exterior restoration includes completion of 477 windows, more than 4,600 repairs on the stone, and repointment of all 21 miles of mortar joints. The Capitol's exterior will be complete in March 2020.

How are we funding the Capitol Restoration?

Funding for the Capitol Restoration Project was first authorized by a $120 million bond issue passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor in 2014. A subsequent bond issue was passed in 2016 for $125 million.

History rediscovered

The Capitol Restoration Project has sent all those involved on a journey of historical discovery. Many original design facets that had been covered up for decades and long forgotten are once again exposed and brought back to life.

Take a look at our beautiful Capitol Building in the early stages of those discoveries.