FY 2022-23 Adopted Policy Budget


Mission Statement

Your Oakland Public Library empowers all people to explore, connect, and grow.

The Oakland Public Library values diversity, equity, community, responsive service, adaptability, empowerment, and joy.

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Other Impacts And Changes

  1. Oakland Public Library adds: 2.0 FTE Library Assistant, Senior, 1.0 FTE Library Assistant, 1.0 FTE CIP Coordinator, Assistant , 2.0 FTE Custodian, 1.0 FTE Librarian II, 2.0 FTE Library Aide, 0.6 FTE Librarian II, PPT, 1.0 FTE Program Analyst II, and 1.0 FTE Program Analyst III, Unfreeze 4.0 FTE Library Aide PPT; And requests authorization to delete 1.0 FTE Librarian I, 2.0 FTE Museum Guard, 1.0 FTE Literacy Assistant, Senior, 1.0 FTE Office Assistant, 1.7 FTE Library Aide, PT, 0.6 FTE Librarian I, PPT, 1.0 FTE Public Information Officer II, and 1.4 FTE Library Aide, PPT. Which will result in providing more community outreach in East Oakland, improve facilities, and increase grant funding.
    • Equity Consideration: These changes increase services in East Oakland which is disproportionally harmed by social injustice. Specifically, positions will be added to our East Oakland Engagement Team who partner with community organizations to develop spaces and programs around bicycle culture and repair. They have also developed programs such as the Wash and Read program to provide Storytime activities at laundromats; they guide mentorship opportunities at The Bike Fix and facilitate the Father Circle, a bi-weekly dinner, conversation and resource for black and brown fathers. This will also increase our capacity to write and monitor large-scale grants becoming available through the State and Federal government. The additional grants will fund repairs to aging library infrastructure as well as new facilities located in the Hoover Durant and San Antonio neighborhoods, which are in red-lined neighborhoods and serve historically marginalized populations. The CIP Coordinator, Assistant will ensure completion of facility projects funded by the grant writer.
  2. Add funding for safety and security improvements at the Oakland Public Libraries.
    • Equity Consideration: This is a council amendment approved at budget adoption and an equity statement was not developed for this item.


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