FY 2021-23 Budget Priorities, Public Input & Community Engagement

FY 2022-23 Adopted Policy Budget

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Click here for the FY 2021-23 Adopted Policy Budget page for Budget Priorities.

As part of the biennial budget development process, the Mayor and City Council establish priorities based on the concerns and needs of the residents of Oakland. In compliance with the City’s policies on Budget Process, Fiscal Planning, Transparency, and Public Participation, the City conducted a priority setting process for development of the FY 2021-23 budget that was informed by:

• A Council Budget Workshop;

• Meetings with community groups, City staff, and other stakeholder groups;

• The results of a professional poll/survey with questions developed in conjunction with the City’s Budget Advisory Commission; and,

• Published top-five priorities from each City Councilmember.

Public Input & Community Engagement