Parks, Recreation, & Youth Development

Who we are and what we do

Business Goals

High quality afterschool programs generate positive outcomes for youth including improved academic performance, classroom behavior, and health and nutrition. The community and businesses also benefit when youth have safe and productive ways to spend their time while their parents are at work.

Oakland Parks, Recreation, & Youth Development (OPRYD) out-of-school programs encompass a broad range of focus areas including academic support, mentoring, arts, technology, and sports and recreation. OPRYD will use its Five Transformational Experiences to engage Oakland Youth during out-of-school time:

  • "Excel after the Bell" Out-of-School Education: Having confidence can make you achieve the seemingly unachievable. Confidence starts with education. Certified teachers lead schoolwork assistance so that every child can confidently perform in school.
  • Cultural and Artistic Experience: Youth will be provided the space to explore poetry, acting, art making, and other outlets for their creativity, and do so in a supportive and educational environment.
  • Reintroduction to Nature: From camping to hiking to animal identification, youth will be acquainted with the natural offerings of the city that they live in.
  • Technological Groundwork: Technology is the groundwork for the world economy and having an underlying IT knowledge of the basics is integral for whatever career one pursues. We do not want our youth to fall behind especially now that Oakland is becoming a major technology center. Youth will be introduced to the world of coding, graphic design, and web making.
  • Physical Fitness and Swimming: Physical fitness is important for everyone, especially youth who are in the throes of becoming the person they want to be. Therefore, OPRYD is setting a mission to have every child take swimming lessons by grade 5.


Core Services

OPRYD resources include 20 community centers, 6 swimming pools, 2 boating centers, 1 inclusion center and citywide preschool programming. OPRYD aims to create supportive environments for citizens and visitors to explore their interests, develop new skills and gain knowledge through social, athletic, civic, artistic, health and wellness activities. This is achieved by accessing resources facilitated by exceptional staffs that are skilled and trained.

Town Camp & Town Enrichment

Town Camp is our summer camp model providing youth experiences to learn, create and play. Town Enrichment is our after-school model offering learning assistance as well as structured play activities. Our Inclusion Program also includes learn and play activities for our youth with developmental and physical challenges.

Cultural Arts & Rotary Nature

Cultural Arts & Rotary Nature provides a new era of experiential opportunities that appeal to our communities through arts, culture and nature. Committed to enriching and invigorating the spirit of youth and adults, Cultural Arts & Rotary Nature will cultivate cultural richness for the Oakland community.


The Sports program aims to provide an extraordinary variety of athletic and leisure opportunities that meet the interests and needs of a broad range of citizens and visitors. Participants will develop physically, intellectually and personally, all while having fun.

Aquatics & Boating

Aquatics & Boating offer a range of skills in water safety. Based on personal goals, participants can learn to swim and progress to competitive swim. Boating courses are offered at Lake Merritt and Jack London Square to navigate water vessels.

East Oakland Sports Center

East Oakland Sports Center (EOSC) is an affordable fee-based membership to a state-of-the art facility providing exercise equipment, lap swim, and exercise classes to encourage health and healthy lifestyle. EOSC also offers personal training, dance, and self-defense classes for additional fees.

Facilities Rental & Parking

OPRYD Enterprise Facilities are affordable and offer perfect rental options for business and community meetings, ceremonies, receptions, parties and walk-a-thons in beautiful open park settings. Tables, chairs, approved caterers, commercial kitchens and party rentals are available at a nominal fee. Guests can celebrate inside and outside in quaint and serene settings making events memorable.

There are 8 Enterprise Facilities available for rent: Jack London Aquatic Center, Joaquin Miller Community Park Garden Center, Leona Lodge, Morcom Rose Garden, Sequoia Lodge, Park Garden Center, Leona Lodge, Morcom Rose Garden, Sequoia Lodge, and the Dunsmuir Hellman Historical Estate. Fee-based parking is offered at Lake Merritt.



External Services

Community Centers, Programs, & Services

Provide instruction in recreation with an emphasis on youth development. Provide information and access to the Arts, Nature, Sciences, and out-of-school Enrichment programs. The programs offered are Town Summer Camp, and a camp for Tennis, Golf, Boating and Nature.


Provide opportunities for organized sports and sports leagues that includes fitness, tennis, golf, swimming, boating, and traditional court and field sports. Sport field rental is also offered.

Facility Services

Provide facility & park rentals to allow for events, social and cultural interactions. Includes parking staff, park & restroom closure, enterprise facility attendant, and transportation.


With an emphasis on Oakland’s Youth, Oakland Parks, Recreation, and Youth Development (OPRYD) and its partners provide best in class, relevant and equitable programs and services, while meeting the specific needs of people and communities both at the neighborhood level and regionally throughout the City of Oakland. We achieve this mission through intentional engagement and by removing the barriers that prohibit equitable opportunities for all. OPRYD offers critical quality-of-life programming in areas of enrichment, cultural arts, youth development, sports and physical activities, health and wellness, water safety, and other leisure activities for adults, youth, and children. Programs and Camps at recreation centers, pools and parks are part of the efforts to promote health, stem obesity, and encourage civic participation, personal development, and empowerment.

OPRYD operates:

  • 2,500 acres of open space
  • 140 Parks
  • 66 Ball Fields
  • 44 Tennis Courts
  • 38 Recreation Facilities
    • 24 Recreation Centers
    • 5 Pools
    • 2 Boating Centers
    • 2 Discover Science Centers
    • Digital Arts and Culinary Academy Center
    • Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts with 74-single room occupancy apartments available for rent to lo-cal artists
    • Studio One Art Center
    • Nature Center (reopened February 2019)
    • East Oakland Sports Complex with Indoor Water Park
    • Inclusion Center with 3 Extension Programs
  • 14 Rental Venues
  • 17 Community Gardens
  • 5 Dog Play Areas; 22 Dog Friendly Parks
  • 3 Golf Courses
  • 2 Skate Parks
  • A host of other public facilities and programs which are designed for tiny tots to seniors, collectively serving over 95,000 enrolled participants and over a million drop-in users annually.