Vested with all powers of legislation in municipal affairs, the City Council is the governing body that exercises the corporate powers of the City of Oakland under the authorities granted by the Oakland City Charter and the State of California Constitution. The Council is comprised of eight Councilmembers, with seven elected from geographic districts and one citywide (At-Large). All Councilmembers are elected to a term of four years. In accordance with the Charter, the City Council sets the goals and priorities for the City, adopts the City budget, adopts the city’s laws by ordinance and resolution, and confirms members to various City and Port of Oakland boards and commissions.

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Other Impacts & Changes

  1. Add $60,000 in O&M in contracting to support Council in budgetary analysis and policy development in lieu of adding a new FTE as proposed in the Council April 2021 budgetary action. Also adding $1,000 each year for each Council Member to have Zoom accounts to support their electronic outreach and communications with residents.
    • Equity Consideration: The equity impact of this will depend upon the priorities Council follow for its policy and budget development. With the ongoing unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Zoom accounts will enable Council members to have the technological capacity to do COVID-19 safe outreach. This will increase public access to their representatives, but also depends on residents having this technology to do so. For residents who do not have access to video-conferencing technology, they can participate in Zoom meetings through using a dial-in option.


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