Mission Statement

Oakland Public Works is dedicated to you! We strive to maintain, improve and preserve Oakland’s infrastructure and environment for the residents, businesses, visitors and future generations of every neighborhood in our diverse city.

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Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Neighborhoods

  1. Allocate $1.3 million over two years to community programs such as the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) Customer Assistance Program to reduce bi-monthly sewer service fee to low-income Oakland homeowners and the Youth Employment Partnership to continue the implementation of the Team Oakland Program.
    • Equity Consideration: The Customer Assistance Program supports low-income homeowners in paying their utilities bills. The Youth Employment Partnership funding will advance the City's racial equity initiative by providing job training and employment development to Oakland's low-income youths of color of which 65% of current participants are African American.
  2. Adding $1.6 million in funding to the Illegal Dumping division to curtail blight, expand garbage pick-up services to remove trash in the public right-of-way, and increase the appropriation to $560,000 for the Free Dump Day (Bulky Block Party) which is a free service to Oakland residents where residents may dispose of large unwanted items.
    • Equity Consideration: This funding will provide additional equipment such as carts and dumpsters needed for the expanded garbage pickup services to address the removal of trash in the public right-of-way and illegal dumping surrounding homeless encampments. The Free Dump Day program is a city-wide program that benefits all Oakland residents and visitors by providing a zero-cost solution for the disposal of large items to Oakland residents.
  3. Adding $2.25 million in one-time use of Measure Q (Fund 2244) carryforward funding for enhanced parks services to ensure that parks and open spaces throughout the City are well-maintained and improved consistently. Public Works is also adding $1.0 million in FY 2021-22 and $700,000 in FY 2022-23 for overtime to enhance parks’ bathrooms and sanitation services.
    • Equity Consideration: This funding is anticipated to enhance parks bathrooms and sanitation services for all City parks. There is no specific plan for which parks will be recipients of this funding, therefore, an equity consideration cannot be made at the neighborhood level.

Affordable Housing & Homelessness Solutions

  1. Maintains funding for the additional encampment crew cleaning services that Council added in its in April 2021 budgetary action. This funding will bring the total encampment crews to five, which will now be dedicated to this work. Also adds funding for overtime and equipment to increase encampment clean-up to significantly increase the number of encampments cleaned each week.
    • Equity Consideration: The additional encampment clean-up crews will provide hygienic services to Oakland's unhoused residents which are disproportionately members of the Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities. Poor sanitation is an ongoing issue at homeless encampments and necessitates frequent OPW clean-ups to improve public health conditions for encampment inhabitants as well as for any surrounding neighbors. The crews will also provide trash service to residents in encampments who otherwise cannot remove trash from their living quarters the way that housed residents receive trash removal services. They will also ensure that the areas around the encampments are cleaned so as not to block streets for other residents to use and reduce the buildup of trash that is susceptible to fires.


Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Neighborhoods

  1. Public Works is freezing 4.0 FTE in the Graffiti Abatement division. The freezing of these positions will have little to no service impact as these positions have been vacant since December 2020.
    • Equity Consideration: There is no discernable equity impact from this action.


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