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Clean, healthy, sustainable neighborhoods

  1. Adds 1.0 FTE Program Analyst III. The Program Analyst III will be the Library’s Safety and Security Manager responsible for leading security, safety and preparedness efforts in order to better respond to violent incidents with patrons in the library. This role will manage the Library’s traumatic incident response and post-incident debrief and action plan. This position will also establish and maintain partnerships with MACRO, OPD, and social service agencies.
    • Equity Consideration: Many library employees experience verbal and physical assault while on the job. Frequently, these attacks involve expressing violence and hatred toward the employee’s race, gender identity or sexual preference. The creation of this new role will help to reduce the trauma, or at least better respond to the trauma, experienced most frequently by the Library’s BIPOC, female and transgender workers. The Program Analyst III will lead the delivery of actions in Oakland Public Library’s Racial Equity Action Plan regarding revisions of OPL’s patron behavior guidelines and policies with an equity lens and provide adequate training and staff support, including to contract security guards. This will also lead to an increase in alternate responses to calling OPD to remove or arrest library patrons.

Budget Neutral Change

Clean, healthy, sustainable neighborhoods

  1. Transfers 19.5 FTE Library workers out of the General Purpose Fund and into the Library’s Measure-backed Funds 2241 and 2243. This transfer of positions is cost-neutral because it is being balanced through freezing part-time library worker positions in these Measure-backed Funds, which amounts to 31.38 FTEs. This transfer of Library workers was necessary to support the City in balancing its budget deficit. They will not result in any service impacts to Oakland residents because the part-time library worker positions are vacant.
    • Equity Consideration: The transfer of Library workers out of the General Purpose Fund (1010) allowed the City to protect and safeguard other positions in 1010 that provide valuable services to Oakland’s residents, including and especially its BIPOC communities.


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