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Our mission is to provide the highest quality legal services to the City of Oakland, its City Council, employees, officers, agencies, departments, boards, and commissions; promote open government, transparency, and accountability to the residents of Oakland in accordance with the letter and spirit of the law; and apply the law in an innovative and community-oriented, just and equitable manner to protect and advance Oaklanders’ rights and improve the quality of life in all Oakland neighborhoods.

We accomplish this mission by constantly pursuing excellence, professionalism and a workforce that values and reflects Oakland’s diversity.

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  1. Adds a new 1.0 FTE Deputy City Attorney IV to handle certain litigation cases in-house which would reduce outside counsel costs. These cases are largely trip and fall and other cases involving dangerous conditions of public property. Outside counsel currently handles them because of insufficient in-house staff. This position will not represent the City in homelessness-related litigation.
    • Equity Consideration: Adding this position has an indirect positive equity impact because it reduces outside counsel costs, which frees up additional City funding that can be redirected into services that benefit Oakland’s BIPOC communities.
  2. Adds $650,000 for Contract Attorneys to handle Public Records Act (PRA) SB1421. PRA requests require the disclosure of records related to officer-involved shootings, uses of force that result in great bodily injury or death, and incidents involving a finding of police officer dishonesty or sexual assault.
    • Equity Consideration: The production of these records will have a number of potential positive impacts: (1) the records will allow Black and Latinx people, who are disproportionately arrested and subjected to uses of force, and other vulnerable populations to obtain information about officer-involved shootings and uses of force free of charge so that, regardless of their income and wealth, they can obtain this information; (2) the records will provide public transparency regarding the officer-involved shootings and uses of force revealing potential disparities and information that will facilitate the public’s ability to seek accountability, provide oversight, and secure equity, and educate the public regarding the incidence of these acts; and (3) the records will provide information regarding findings of officer dishonesty and sexual assault.


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