City Council

Who we are and what we do

Business Goals & Priorities

Affordable Housing & Homelessness Solutions

  • Protection/Prevention — protect tenants and low-income property owners, prevent homelessness;
  • Preservation — preserve affordable housing;
  • Production — produce deeply affordable housing;
  • House unsheltered residents — lease/purchase hotels; utilize public land for emergency shelter, transitional housing, and permanent deeply affordable housing; and
  • Service encampments with outreach and supportive services, and health and sanitation services.

Public Safety & Violence Prevention

  • Act on the recommendations of the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force to increase public safety through alternative responses to calls for service and investments in the root causes of violence and poverty;
  • Reduce gun violence and focus on violent crime, including increasing investigation capacity;
  • Increase violence prevention, trauma-informed care and healing;
  • Develop and implement alternative responses to police, such as Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO); and
  • Implement and expand Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) for crime prevention and traffic calming.

Good Jobs & Vibrant Economy

  • Create and maintain family-sustaining jobs;
  • Enhance workforce development and training, and youth jobs programs;
  • Support small businesses, addressing racial and gender disparities, and enhancing business districts; and
  • Fully staff City Departments by improving recruitment, filling vacancies, and increasing both succession planning and retention.

Clean, Healthy, Sustainable Neighborhoods

  • Reduce and prevent illegal dumping, litter and blight, including proactive service and reducing the backlog of abandoned autos;
  • Ensure safe and well maintained streets and sidewalks;
  • Invest in parks, libraries, youth development, senior services, arts & culture; and
  • Expand wildfire prevention and disaster preparedness/response.