Mission Statement

The Mission of the City of Oakland Planning and Building Department is to assist the residents of Oakland to enhance and improve the physical, cultural, and economic environments of their communities through sustainable development that embraces the core principles of health, opportunity, and equity.

The Planning & Building Department’s commitment is founded on the belief that people matter, neighborhoods matter, beauty, order, and a clean environment matter. Enriching people’s lives through helping them build communities that reflect their values matters. We are dedicated to the communities of Oakland through our service to the public.

To that end, we help the residents of Oakland to develop visionary plans that are community driven; we update the Zoning Code to reflect community needs and interests; we process development/building applications in an efficient and effective manner; and we enforce the Zoning Code, the Building Code, and other applicable laws to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all who choose Oakland as their place to live, work, and play.

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Good Jobs and Vibrant Economy

  • Add 1.0 FTE new Business Analyst II and redeploy 1.0 FTE City Administrator Analyst to support projects that would improve the efficiency and transparency of the City’s permitting services. The BA II is funded by the elimination of 1.0 FTE Graphic Delineator, 0.5 FTE Management Intern, PT, and 0.5 FTE Office Assistant I, PT.
    • Equity Consideration: These positions will support service delivery across the City and benefit residents, business, and property owners through support of Accela, the City’s land-use management software. The reduction of a Graphic Delineator matches the reduction in workload. The backlog of records to be scanned, uploaded, and archived will continue to grow with the elimination of the Management Intern and Office Assistant I. Overtime will be used as needed.
  • Restore a net 9.0 FTE positions such as inspectors, planners, and other support staff throughout Planning and Building to provide services to the community. This restoration will help response times for the City’s permitting process and improve revenue generation, such as more staff to expedite applications, review plans, inspect building construction, and reduce the permitting backlog.
    • Equity Consideration: These positions will support service delivery across the department and benefit residents, business, and property owners.


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