City Administrator

Who we are and what we do

Business Goals

Administer the affairs of the City in an efficient and effective manner;

Conduct necessary reviews of City operations to improve accountability of City government toward equitable outcomes;

Manage and coordinate Citywide service delivery;

Enforce all applicable laws, ordinances, and policies of the City;

Advance the City’s vision and goals and build organizational capacity;

Provide professional expertise and support to the Mayor and City Council in the formulation, interpretation, and application of public policy; and

Advance the Mayor’s and City Council’s priorities.



This program directs and coordinates all City Departments to ensure the goals and policy directives of the Mayor and City Council are implemented and services are efficiently and effectively delivered toward advancing equitable outcomes in the community. The Administration Division also includes Agenda Management, Communications, Public Safety and Violence Prevention Services (Measure Z) Evaluation, and Resilient Oakland.

Employment Investigations & Civil Rights Compliance

Employment Investigations & Civil Rights Compliance (EICRC) is responsible for ensuring compliance with equal employment opportunity laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination and harassment in the workplace and assisting City Departments in providing equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees. In fulfilling these responsibilities, EICRC also provides or coordinates services such as policy development, technical assistance, training programs, monitoring, and compliance activities. The office prepares comprehensive investigative reports documenting investigations, including fact-finding, applying facts to policies, and drawing conclusions as to whether policies have been violated, and ensures alignment with federal and state laws, and City policies and procedures.

Homelessness Administration

The Fiscal Year 2019-21 Adopted Budget created and funded a high-level administrator and support staff to lead coordination of Citywide initiatives to respond to issues of the homelessness crisis. The program also supports the newly established Commission on Homelessness which provides oversight of the Oakland Vacant Property Tax received by the City of Oakland for homeless services, and makes recommendations to the City Council for strategies to remedy homelessness.

Neighborhood Services

The vision of the Neighborhood Services Division is that every block is organized, and every neighbor is skilled, networked, and empowered to work together and in partnership with the City and outside agencies to solve problems and build a healthy, resilient community. The Division helps neighbors at the block level through programs such as Neighborhood Watch and at the Neighborhood Level through Neighborhood Councils and other affinity groups. The team serves as a liaison between the community and City Departments.

OAK311 Call Center

The Oak311 Call Center office is a centralized, multi-lingual, one number system available 24/7 for Oakland residents to report infrastructure emergencies and/or issues for non-emergency City services, after hour urgent matters and for general City information.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm. Urgent calls received after 4:30pm are dispatched to a standby crew for service. Reporting options include direct call, mobile app, website and email.



External Services

Community Engagement

Better the lives of Oakland residents through multiple health, housing, and environmental fronts including: “Better Neighborhoods, Same Neighbors” Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Grant, a $28.2M state grant for affordable housing, new parks, aquaponics farm food, tree planting, and bike share projects; Healthy Development Guidelines, a collaborative community planning effort to promote health and equity; West Oakland Community Action Plan (WOCAP), a multi-agency effort to reduce pollution; East Oakland Neighborhood Initiative (EONI), an equity and community based planning for East Oakland; Oakland Thrives Leadership Council (OTLC), aimed at making children and families healthy, Resilient Hubs, to promote community unity and preparedness to recover from hazardous events and the effects of climate change, and Eco Block, to create more resilient neighborhoods to power outages.

Compliance, Training, and Investigations

Conduct state and federal mandated discrimination, harassment, and retaliation investigations based on legal protected basis, including Title VI, which protects against the discrimination of race, color, or national origin, gender, or disability. Submit mandated statements and reports, including Equal Employment Opportunity data analysis. Provide mandatory training to management and supervisory employees.

Oakland Museum of California

The CAO manages the 10-year grant agreement with Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) and facilitates joint projects between OMCA and City staff and processes all deaccession paperwork to the City's collection.

Oakland 311 Customer Service & City Information Program

Oak311 provides citywide intake and emergency dispatch for city maintenance, buildings, abandoned autos, and parking enforcement issues.

Commission Assistance and/or Liaison

The City Administrator’s Office (CAO) serves as staff and/or support to various Independent Commissions including the Redistricting Commission, Privacy Advisory Commission (Chief Privacy Officer), Police Commission (liaison), Safety and Services Oversight Commission, Community Policing Advisory Board, Cannabis Regulatory Commission, Homelessness Commission, and Sugar Sweetened Beverage Board.

Working Groups

Coordinate interdepartmental efforts for a wide array of activities including: Wildfire Prevention (to prevent wildfires in the City), Lake Merritt (manage issues and activities at the Lake), Caltrans (to ensure proper maintenance of property and rights-of-way), Neighborhood Services Manager (implement City’s Community Policing Program), Encampment Management, and Public Safety Task Force.

Digital Engagement

Develop and iterate on the vision, strategy, and implementation of the City’s digital assets, including the City's website, social media channels and civic technology platforms. Listen to public and internal needs to identify opportunities for improved digital engagement and service delivery.

Covid-19 Response

Participate in the Emergency Operations Center to respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Fully support the staffing and contracting needs for the Great Plates Program and Feed Oakland/World Central Kitchen, which provided almost 20,000 meals a week to vulnerable community members.

Internal Services

Performance Management System

Developing a citywide Performance Management System to track progress and measure organizational success.

Alameda County Leadership Academy

Facilitate City employees participating in regional leadership program.

Agenda Report Management and City Council Meeting Support

Manage the City Administrator's Agenda Processes, including preparing, reviewing, analyzing, and editing agenda reports and presentations for City Council. Track and coordinate scheduling request review and notification to the City Clerk's office in preparation of Rules and Legislation committee meeting. Prepare pending list of items scheduled to outstanding. Present staff recommendations and respond to questions at City Council meetings.

Manage the City's Administrative Instructions (AI)

Receive, analyze and edit AI, which describe the City’s policies, practices, standards, and procedures for various items; upload materials to the City's intranet; respond to inquiries from staff.

Strategic Communications

Develop communications strategies to address complex, high-profile, controversial, sensitive issues. Develop and initiate employee communications strategy. Draft, curate, edit and produce employee-specific communications. Support employee engagement and recognition events and initiatives.