Mission Statement

The Police Commission is established to oversee the Oakland Police Department (OPD) to ensure that its policies, practices, and customs conform to national standards of constitutional policing and reflect the needs of the community. The Police Commission also oversees the Community Police Review Agency (CPRA) and Office of the Inspector General (OIG), both of which are established under the City Charter as separate independent entities. The CPRA provides the community with a forum to report alleged police misconduct and for independent civilian investigations of those complaints. The OIG monitors and audits OPD and the CPRA.

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Public Safety & Violence Prevention

  1. Implements a major staffing re-organization that results in a net increase of 2.0 FTEs. Adds 4.0 FTE positions (Project Manager II, Police Program & Performance Audit Supervisor, and two Police Performance Auditors) and deletes 2.0 FTE non-Charter mandated positions (Administrative Analyst II, and Office Assistant II). This re-organization improves the Police Commission’s operations to comply with legal requirements associated with the investigation of complaints of police officer misconduct and the OPD disciplinary process. Additional funding for contracted legal counsel for the Commission is also included. The Administration acknowledges the recommendation put forth by the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force to migrate police misconduct investigations to the independent civilian Community Police Review Agency and is beginning the analysis of this process.
    • Equity Consideration: This investment in staff will increase racial equity for Oakland’s BIPOC communities who have unresolved police officer misconduct issues with OPD.


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