Mission Statement

The Department of Violence Prevention pursues a public health approach to dramatically reduce violent crime through community-led violence prevention and intervention strategies for individuals, families and communities most-impacted by violence.

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Public Safety & Violence Prevention

  1. Adds $3.65 million over two years to maintain funding for contracted Violence Prevention Services that would otherwise have been reduced due to lower Measure Z revenues. These services will hopefully be augmented by external funding through the State’s California Violence Intervention and Prevention (CalVIP) and $500,000 in federal Byrne JAG funds earmarked by Congresswoman Barbara Lee for violence prevention providers CYO and Youth ALIVE! Creates a new position 1.0 FTE Health & Human Services Program Planner to manage service coordination at the City and County level to better respond to families impacted by violence and children who are sexually exploited. Also restores 1.0 FTE Case Manager and 1.0 FTE Administrative Service Manager and provides a one-time amount of $800,000 in funding for the department to use for space planning and other operational infrastructure needs.
  • Equity Consideration: The restored positions will enhance the level of programmatic support the department can provide to ensure that vulnerable persons are receiving the appropriate level of service for their trauma and recovery. Oakland’s Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities are disproportionately exposed to violence and historically have had less access to mental health services and other vital trauma interventions, so the new Health & Human Services Program Planner is a critical investment in improving life outcomes. The sexual exploitation of minors is an issue that predominantly impacts BIPOC communities, and therefore this Planner will also play an important role in delivering more effective services to a very vulnerable group of Oakland children. Maintaining the department’s budget for its contracted services regarding violence prevention further advances racial equity because it supports the creation of community alternatives to addressing violence. The department is still relatively new, and this $800,000 investment for office improvements will give staff the opportunity to build out an office that suits their needs and the communities that they serve.

Other Impacts & Changes

  1. Adjusts the staffing costs of all new and vacant positions to include a 3-month hiring delay. This hiring delay is added to achieve needed savings to balance the entire Proposed Budget over the two years. It will have a general citywide service impact through momentarily pausing departments in expanding services or new programming attached to these positions.
  • Equity Consideration: The Administration will prioritize the hiring of certain positions during the first 3 months based on equity considerations.


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