Unfunded List


The backlog of maintenance and limited financial resources results in a growing list of capital needs throughout the City. This list of unfunded capital projects are presented in this section. Unfunded projects are ranked by CIP prioritization score with information about the capital asset and the department they belong to, as well as cost estimates (when available). High ranking projects are kept as top priorities when grant opportunities arrive. However, grant programs have different requirements and staff are responsible for identifying the most competitive projects while also advancing the CIP values.

The call for public capital requests implemented in the adopted CIP prioritization process results in additional capital projects ideas each cycle. Unfunded public requests often need more evaluation, engagement and planning by staff in order to be more competitive in the CIP prioritization process and secure higher scores. All unfunded projects are assessed and evaluated each cycle by staff and the CIP coordinators. For more information and answers to frequently asked questions about the City's CIP scoring process, please click here.

*Please note: Unfunded project budgets shown represent estimated project costs. Budget amounts with zero (0) indicates the budgets are still being developed.


Each cycle, the CIP team updates CIP metrics used to score projects with the most up-to-date data available. In order to ensure consistency in scores, projects from past CIP cycles were rescored using the updated FY23-25 data metrics. Project titles below with a * indicates that this project was rescored in August 2023 and now has an updated CIP score.

Buildings & Structures

Parks & Open Spaces

Storm Drainage & Watershed*

*The City of Oakland’s Watershed and Stormwater Management Division has identified priority stormwater management, storm drainage repair and improvement, and water quality improvement projects to address hazards, and/or to comply with environmental regulations. Each project has been evaluated against the 9 principles of the City’s CIP Project Prioritization Process. The CIP’s unfunded project list includes general projects to show the that funding is needed for unexpected urgent storm drainage, creek bank, and creek channel repairs, and for future water quality improvement compliance projects that are under development. The City plans to seek external funding for the planning, design and implementation of some of these unfunded projects, including through Federal grants. These projects and project categories are listed here as Unfunded Projects, to establish their importance to the City, and to show estimated funding needed to implement them. These projects are not being added to the City Budget at this time, as funded projects received higher CIP prioritization scores. Therefore external funding sources would be needed for implementation of unfunded urgent infrastructure repair/improvement projects and water quality protection projects required by Federal Clean Water Act/municipal stormwater permit regulations.

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