FY 2022-23 Adopted Policy Budget


Mission Statement

Oakland Public Works is dedicated to you! We strive to maintain, improve and preserve Oakland’s infrastructure and environment for the residents, businesses, visitors and future generations of every neighborhood in our diverse city.

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Clean, Healthy, & Sustainable Neighborhoods

  1. Add 2.0 FTE Recycling Specialist to meet demands of new SB 1383 mandates, to review the expected large number of building permits for Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris recycling compliance, and to administer C&D Non-Exclusive Franchise (NEF) contracts.
    • Equity Consideration: Efficient processing of building permit applications for construction and demolition debris recycling facilitates timely completion of construction projects, including those for affordable housing, which would benefit the City’s Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) residents. Similarly, enhanced administration of the C&D NEF program has the potential to reduce illegal hauling and, therefore, dumping that primarily impacts the City’s flatlands and communities of color.
  2. Add 1.0 FTE Environmental Enforcement Officer to conduct field inspections of C&D NEF contractors and to conduct enforcement as needed and 1.0 FTE Administrative Assistant II for Environmental Enforcement unit program support.
    • Equity Consideration: Enhanced administration of the C&D NEF program, by adding a field component, is anticipated to help reduce illegal hauling of C&D debris and, therefore, dumping that primarily impacts the City’s flatlands and communities of color, which if left unchecked, has the potential to grow as a problem with new SB 1383 mandates expected to increase the number of projects subject to C&D debris recycling requirements.
  3. Add 2.0 FTE Project Manager and CIP Coordinator Assistant for Project & Grant Management Division; PAB & Capital Planning
    • Equity Consideration: Project & Grant Management Division implements capital projects approved in the Capital Improvement Program approved by Council’s biennial budget and supports 9 City department/divisions in their preparation of projects submitted through the Equitable Capital Improvement Prioritization Process.
  4. Allocate $477,382 from Brooklyn Basin budget for maintenance and 25% of capital reserves for Phase 1 of the Brooklyn Basin Community Facility District’s (CFD) (2015-1) newly constructed infrastructure (i.e., Township Commons Park, 9th Avenue Terminal Building, etc.). City to begin maintenance of assets starting January 1, 2023.
    • Equity Consideration: Funding dedicated to the maintenance and capital reserves within the CFD boundaries will benefit all City of Oakland residents. The addition of new open space parks including new trees in a community with 79.43% of people of color (as of January 20th, 2021) in that area, is aligned with the desired equity outcomes identified in the Oakland’s Equitable Climate Action Plan Racial Equity Impact Assessment.
  5. Add $985,000 to enhance parks services to ensure parks and open spaces throughout the City are well maintained and safe. Public Works will add surveillance cameras to Joaquin Miller and Lakeside Park Corp Yard, install animal proof garbage cans, purchase a tub grinder to generate mulch, and contractual work for trail/brush clearance in open spaces.
    • Equity Consideration: Regional Parks in the City of Oakland are located in underserved areas. This funding will reduce the cost of lost and theft, improves public health and safety, and enhances the services provided to the community.
  6. Add $300,000 for consultant services to plan for future Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure needs and assess compliance for current and upcoming California Air Resource Board regulations beginning in 2024.
    • Equity Consideration: Equitable infrastructure considers the short-and long-term impacts for all City of Oakland residents’ well-being.
  7. Adds 4.0 FTE Student Trainee to Facilities division. These are paid trainee positions designed to help Oakland youth interested in learning a skilled trade gain experience to advance their career. When positions are open for recruitment, they will have the skill set needed to competitively apply for positions.
    • Equity Consideration: This investment in Oakland’s diverse communities will increase racial equity for Oakland BIPOC communities by providing more effective engagement and opportunities to gain experience and knowledge by connecting them to a program to change their economic status.
  8. Add $400K Peralta Services Corporation re-entry employment and training services
    • Equity Consideration: This is a Council Amendment for a new grant added and approved during budget adoption an equity statement was not developed for this item.
  9. Add $60,820 Lake Merritt Operations
    • Equity Consideration: This is a Council Amendment added and approved during budget adoption an equity statement was not developed for this item.


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