City Clerk

Who we are and what we do

Business Goals

Support the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator, and Department Directors in achieving their goals for the City through facilitation of public meetings of the City Council, and preservation and dispensation of the legislative decisions.

Support and enhance Citywide Records Management program services to promote accessibility, retention, and timely destruction.

Continued outreach to encourage citizen participation in government affairs and increase voter participation.


City Clerk Operations

Agenda Management

Manages and performs processes to prepare and issue City Council legislative agendas and materials in advance to the public, members of the Council, and executive staff; facilitate opportunities for public comment during the meeting; record official actions taken by the Council, the Oakland Redevelopment Successor Agency, Joint Powers Authority (JPA), and certain other governing bodies.

Customer Service and Public Relations

Manages general operations for the department: finance, budget, payroll, personnel, workers comp.; process Domestic Partnership Registration Applications; coordinate facilities’ needs; and Equal Access.

Elections & Political Compliance

Administer and coordinate election services for the selection of City and Oakland Unified School District officers, approval of Initiatives, City Measures, Referendums, and Recalls; Serve as Filing Officer and Filing Official for the issuance, filing, review, and audit of required Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Statements of Economic Interest (Form 700).

Records Management

Maintain minutes, ordinances, resolutions, motions as adopted and approved by the City Council; City contracts; provide ready access to records in the care of the City Clerk; establish and administer policy and procedures to guide the care, preservation, retention, and timely disposition of all City records and information; facilitation of bid openings; manage contract for and access to offsite storage facility; coordinate records requests; manage records’ disposition processes; processes discovery requests for litigation requests.

KTOP Operations

KTOP is the City’s government access cable television station. KTOP provides coverage of City Council, Council Committee, and other City department meetings, and broadcasting original and acquired programming that connects and engages viewers with their city government, fellow citizens and the world at large.



External Services

Facilitate City Council and Committee Meetings

Facilitate public access to meetings, records official actions taken by the Council, The Oakland Redevelopment Successor Agency, JPA and other governing bodies.

Coordination of Election Candidates

Administers and coordinates election services for the selection of City and OUSD officials.

Coordination of Ballot Initiatives

Coordination of citywide ballot measures from the City Council and Citizen Based Initiatives.

Recall Officer

Filing officer for Elected Officials recall.

Broadcasts of Legislative Business meetings/Original Programming

Broadcast/archival of all government bodies, preservation of the official record of government bodies as permanent or temporary records, meeting duplication via DVD and online via Granicus and original programming duplication and Zoom support. ADA captioning services required under local, state and federal law, FCC, and DIVCA. Produce original programs that tell the stories of Oakland's history and its residents, employees, and diverse communities.

Production Studio Rental

Production studio and edit facilities available to public and private renters.

Internal Services

KTOP Television

Manages and facilitates the broadcast of all government bodies, preservation of the official record of government bodies as permanent or temporary records, ACA captioning services, as required under local, state and federal law, FCC, and DIVCA.

Managing and Performing Legal Noticing

Perform legally mandated noticing of City Council and City Committee Meetings for distribution to the public, members of the council, and executive staff.

Form 700 Filing Officer

Official for Statement of Economic Interest Form 700 which provides transparency and ensures accountability in government decisions required by the State of California.

Provide Access to Inactive Records Citywide

Draft policy and establish procedures for care, preservation, retention, and disposition of all City records.

Video Production Services

Creates and produces (script writing, video acquisition, graphic design, editing) videos and the information bulletin board, for City departments for promotion, training, citywide information, and distribution.