FY 2022-23 Adopted Policy Budget


Mission Statement

The Oakland Police Department is committed to reducing crime and serving the community through fair, quality policing.

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Public Safety & Violence Prevention

  1. Adds $696,000 in O&M for FY 2022-23 for the following: in one-time expenditures: $250,000 to renewed contract with Quartech, which is a company that provides application support services for the Oakland Police Department (OPD) VISION system, $75,000 to update Crime Lab equipment, and $36,000 for Police evidence equipment & testing kits. In ongoing expenditures: $170,000 for software to enhance audio for body worn cameras, $49,500 for Zencity software which allows OPD to survey a representative portion of the community through the use of online targeted ads via social media, $49,500 for Culture Amp software which allows OPD to anonymously survey employees and provide 360 feedback to managers/commanders, $46,000 for language line services, and $20,000 for CrimeView subscription and maintenance as this software connects OPD with incident data to provide useful geographical data visualizations and crime pattern analysis.
    • Equity Consideration: These items enable OPD to have efficient, transparent, and culturally responsive communication and accountability within the department and with the community. BIPOC communities in Oakland are disproportionately impacted by violent crimes and are affected most when communication and methods of accountability are hindered due to lack of resources in the department. These items will also help OPD maintain effective public safety.
  2. Maintain 1.0 FTE Victim’s Assistance Liaison to run the Victims Assistance Program. The Victim’s Assistance Liaison informs crime victims of the services which are available to them, including funding. OPD maintains a tenet of fair and equitable treatment for all victims. The current Victim’s Assistance Liaison has also been an integral subject matter expert in the development of a trauma-informed policing plan. Without this funding, OPD would be in violation of Cal. Gov. Code § 13962(c) and 2 CCR § 649.36 and the City’s own general orders.
    • Equity Consideration: Implementation of the Victims Assistance Program and trauma-informed policing plan help ensure the improved treatment of victims. Black residents and people of color are significantly more likely to be victims of crime.
  3. OPD recognized the disparities of violent crime and calls for service which were occurring in a section of Oakland. This necessitated in the creation of what is now designated as Area 6. The implementation of District Area 6 deploys resources which directly address violent crime and priority calls. In order to fully staff and fund patrol operations in Area 6, non-patrol positions will continue to remain frozen. This does not impact the current status quo operations/functions of the department as of May 2022.
    • Equity Consideration: Its critical to align OPD's functions to available resources. If expected services dramatically exceed the personnel resources available, OPD will be unable to focus on reformed functions and providing core services to vulnerable residents.
  4. Unfreezes 3.0 FTE positions in Criminal Investigations to improve the bandwidth in the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) to process evidence and solve violent crimes.
    • Equity Consideration: OPD’s solve rate for violent crime is currently below desired levels. Black residents and people of color are significantly more likely to be victims of crime. Faster evidence process should improve the ability of sworn officers to solve crimes.
  5. Police Commission recommendation of $700,000 one-time O&M for OPD Wellness/Mental Health unit. Add 1.0 FTE Program Analyst III (SC204) to oversee the Wellness Unit.
    • Equity Consideration: Officers frequently endure stressful situations and experience vicarious trauma as a result of 1) being affected by violent crime and 2) assisting victims of violent crime. These funds would hire a Program Analyst III who would help officers connect to wellness and mental health resources to help them deal with the trauma. The funding would also include building out a wellness program which would include contracted wellness coaches for officers. Access to mental health and wellness resources enable officers to be better equipped to serve the communities which are impacted most by violent crime.
  6. Adds $250,000 in O&M for a criminal case management system which will provide efficient case investigations, supervision, and public accountability. The criminal case management system will help investigators track and link criminal elements and solve fresh and cold cases. The case management system will provide public accessible data showing case closure rates.
    • Equity Consideration: Many victims of violent crime in Oakland come from disadvantaged communities. Efforts to better support crime investigations and make data publicly available support the City’s goals of greater race and social equity.


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