Mission Statement

The Finance Department is committed to provide direct services to the entire Oakland Community, which includes approximately 425,195 residents and more than 65,000 businesses. Within the context of full disclosure and quality customer service, the Finance Department’s primary obligations are to safeguard the City’s assets; provide comprehensive financial services for the City; provide timely and accurate financial reports; maintain integrity of information in the City's financial systems and monitor internal controls; process payments; process payroll; collect, record and report City revenues; procure goods and materials for City departments; manage the City's investments; oversee debt issuance and assure ongoing compliance with debt covenants and regulatory requirements for the City and Successor Redevelopment Agency; as well as preserve strong credit ratings and investor relations.

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Other Impacts & Changes

  1. Adds $50,000 for services that will assist in identifying external funding opportunities and securing state and federal grants and $50,000 for support in obtaining reimbursement from FEMA on eligible expenses.
    • Equity Consideration: The City’s services to its most vulnerable residents may be eligible for various kinds of federal reimbursement after the COVID-19 pandemic, including through the recently passed American Rescue Plan Act, existing FEMA programs, and upcoming federal legislation. This $100,000 will be used to solicit the expertise of skilled consultants to identify more ways the City can draw down federal dollars to Oakland and its residents. The additional funding obtained as a result can subsequently help in the preservation and enhancement of City services that are essential to BIPOC communities.
  2. Adds a net 0.8 FTE staff increase when combining all personnel changes from the Midcycle Budget to this Proposed Budget. This net number includes adding a new 1.0 FTE to oversee payroll operations as well as a new 1.0 FTE Collections Officer to provide administrative support for the In-House Sidewalk Repair Crew being added to the Department of Transportation. As a part of balancing these personnel additions, the Finance Department is freezing some of its positions. The units most impacted by these freezes continue to be the Parking Citations Assistance Center and Parking Meter Operations, which had 3.0 FTEs frozen at Midcycle, and are freezing an additional 1.0 FTE in the Biennial. The Revenue Management Bureau is restoring 2.0 FTE administrative support positions that were frozen in the Midcycle Budget and will be freezing an additional 4.0 FTE in its Tax Enforcement and Tax Audit units.
    • Equity Consideration: A priority was made to preserve positions with direct public contact as much as possible. Reducing these positions may create a longer wait time for refunds which disproportionally has a greater negative impact on Oakland’s low-income community. Reduced customer service in general will have a greater negative impact on unbanked communities and those without reliable access to technology.


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