Race & Equity

Who we are and what we do

Business Goals

Accomplishment of the broad and comprehensive mission of the Department relies on a theory of change that includes the following business activities and goals:

  • Increase awareness of racial inequity, its root causes and how it is perpetuated by institutions and systems.

  • Mobilize advocates to organize support for furthering a shared vision of racial equity through institutional leadership, department equity teams and staff engagement in system change efforts.

  • Develop targeted strategic approaches and tools for analysis, and resources for advancing racial equity goals, focused on reducing racial disparities impacting Oakland communities.

  • Train staff to apply pro-equity tools to change structures, policies, practices and procedures to further institutional transformation.

  • Establish baseline disparity data, targets/benchmarks and processes to track and report outcomes.

  • Collaborate with City leadership, the community and other institutions/partners to identify and address cumulative impacts of institutional and structural racism impacting Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) in Oakland.



External Services

Oakland Equity Indicator Report

Maintain the Oakland Equity Indicator Report, a baseline quantitative framework that can be used by City staff and community members alike to better understand the impacts of race, measure inequities, and track changes in the disparities for different groups over time.

Internal Services

Departmental Support

Support the development of Equity Teams, staff core equity competencies, and implementing strategic processes and analysis to embed equity practices in departmental activities.

Race & Equity Program Design and Implementation

Develop Race and Equity Administrative Instructions (AI) and support the implementation of programs consistent with the mission and theory of change to advance equity in all that the City does