FY 2021-23 Adopted Policy Budget

The below data is intended to provide policy makers and the public with a detailed information regarding the Adopted FY 2021-23 Biennial Budget for the Oakland Police Department (OPD). The Adopted Budget was developed to include:

  • Careful assignment of available personnel to units and sub-unit for each sworn and professional staff member of OPD.
  • A staffing plan for sworn members that is consistent with the availability of actual police officers based upon budget police academies and attrition rates.
  • An overtime budget that aligns with historical spending and fully considers the need to backfill functions regardless of available staffing in functions like 911 Response / Patrol, 911 Communications Center Operations, and Police Records.


Assignments of OPD Sworn and Professional Staff

The below data reflects the detailed assignment of all budget OPD Sworn and Professional (civilian) Staff. Click in the chart to drill into the specific units and sub-units of OPD. We strongly encourage data savvy readers to download the data sets behind these graphics.

This chart provides detailed information regarding the unit assignments for OPD staff in the Adopted Budget.

Timing of Police Academies in the Adopted Biennial Budget

The Adopted Budget provides for 4 Police Basic Recruit Academies of the two-fiscal years. Staff is estimating that each academy will yield approximately 32 officer graduates. The number of sworn positions included in the budget is aligned to match the schedule of academies.

OPD Overtime for Professional and Sworn Staff

The data below notes the uses of Overtime included in the Adopted Budget.

  • Backfill Overtime is used to account for the need to provide continuous operation of services like 911 response and the 911 call center regardless of whether assigned officers are on leave.
  • Operational & General Overtime reflects the need of routine units to work beyond normal hours to provide services such as criminal investigations and ceasefire operations, to complete required task such as providing testimony in court, or to respond to anticipated public safety hazard such as sideshows.
  • Additional temporary overtime is provided to avoid services reduction in FY 2021-22 until additional sworn positions are available in FY 2022-23 due to academy graduations.