FY 2022-23 Adopted Policy Budget


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality legal services to the City of Oakland, its City Council, employees, officers, agencies, departments, boards, and commissions; promote open government, transparency, and accountability to the residents of Oakland in accordance with the letter and spirit of the law; and apply the law in an innovative and community-oriented, just and equitable manner to protect and advance Oaklanders’ rights and improve the quality of life in all Oakland neighborhoods.

We accomplish this mission by constantly pursuing excellence, professionalism and a workforce that values and reflects Oakland’s diversity.

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Affordable Housing & Homelessness Solutions

  1. Add 1.0 FTE Deputy City Attorney IV - Interdepartmental Homelessness Counsel. This position will allow us to coordinate and provide comprehensive services instead of our current structure which involves several attorneys who already have full time equivalent work on other projects, matters and cases. This will make service delivery more efficient, effective and timely as we grapple with many challenges on a daily basis and support the Homeless Services Manager, assist with implementation of the Encampment Management Policy and address risk management issues in real time.
    • Equity Consideration: The Deputy City Attorney IV will serve as interdepartmental counsel on issues that directly impact unhoused individuals and family members. Homeless individuals are disproportionately Black and other persons of color.
  2. Upgrade the vacant Office Assistant I to an Administrative Analyst I. The Office Assistant classification does not provide our office with the level of expertise in the areas of report development, database maintenance, and general data analysis that is required for day-to-day administration operations. Upgrading the position to an Administrative Analyst I will improve efficiency and enable us to perform services more quickly.
    • Equity Consideration: Not applicable


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