Workplace & Employment Standards

Who we are and what we do

Business Goals

  • Ensure that the city of Oakland is a just and equitable place to work by enforcing City worker protection laws.

  • Support, oversee, and improve the citywide decentralized contracting for professional services all the way through to contract execution.

  • Support, monitor and enforce legislation to ensure equity in the City’s procurement of commodities, construction services and professional services



This division provides leadership, oversight, and administrative support to the three bureaus in the Workplace, & Employment Standards Department.

Employment Standards

Supports and oversees citywide enforcement of worker protection laws. Specifically, this unit will enforce the City’s Minimum Wage Ordinance, Worker retention at Large-Scale Hospitality Ordinance, Hotel Minimum Wage and Working Conditions Ordinance, the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Ordinance, the Workers Right to Recall ordinance, the Local Employment Program and the 15% Apprenticeship Program and the Grocery Workers Ordinance (to the fullest extent possible). Other policies included are living wage policy, prevailing wage policy, prompt payment policy, and equal benefits policy.


Supports and oversees citywide decentralized contracting process for professional services projects. This includes assisting the project manager with developing the project specifications for the Request for Proposal (RFP), compiling and placing the advertisement for request for proposal (RFP), reviewing the RFP to ensure all policies and procedures have been adhered to, disseminating contract schedules, receiving and reviewing completed RFPs from contractors, attending pre-proposal meetings to assist contractors with the City’s contracting process, maintaining the City’s database of contracts currently in process.


This division monitors and enforces social equity policies to ensure the equitable participation of local business, small and very small local businesses, women-owned and minority owned businesses in City procurement of goods and service. Staff also oversees the federally required Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program. This division also houses the Certification unit, where business can be certified to participate in City funded construction and professional services projects.



External Services

Local Measure Enforcement

Enforce local measures including Measure FF, related to citywide minimum wage, paid sick leave, and service charges, Measure Z, related to hotel minimum wage, humane workload, and panic buttons, and Emergency Paid Sick Leave and right to Recall, related to COVID-19 response.

Local Employment Referral and Local Employment Program

Assist, monitor, and enforce contractor participation in achieving Local Employment Program (LEP) goals by identifying ready, willing, and able workers to reduce disparity in resident access to employment and training opportunities in the construction industry.

Compliance Review, Certification, and Monitoring

Perform an analysis to determine compliance; participate in all steps related to bidding, awarding, and closing projects; once bids/proposals are received, review and verify certification status to determine compliance with LBE/SLBE requirements, includes verification of EBO status. Certify Local, Small Local and Very Small Local firms; review documents submitted by company and conduct on-site review of company to determine program eligibility. Ensure that contractor and subcontractor's complies with the City's programs and ordinance; review progress payments, apply LEP waivers, review subcontractors, prompt payment complaints, and substitutions; perform site visits; investigate any discrepancies.


Serve as the Liaison providing technical Assistance to vendors registering and completing the iSuppplier registration process to help ensure notification of opportunities with the City of Oakland.

Internal Services

Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

Prepare the City's Annual Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program for Caltrans, assist in goal setting for projects, compile, analyze and track project goals achieved over time.

Contracts Administration

Perform internal functions to ensure that City operations align with the Adopted Budget by initiating and facilitating Professional Services and Construction Contract Administration, sourcing, analysis, and final signatures.