Mission Statement

The proud men and women of the Oakland Fire Department are committed to providing the highest quality and highest level of courteous and responsive services to the residents and visitors to Oakland.

This is accomplished by implementing comprehensive strategies and training in fire prevention, fire suppression, emergency medical services, and all risk mitigation including human-caused and natural disasters, emergency preparedness, 9-1-1 services and community-based fire services.

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Public Safety & Violence Prevention

  • Adds $2.6 million in funding over two years to start and ramp up the Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO) program. The Administration is looking to work with Alameda County to secure 1:1 federal matching funds through MediCal/Medicaid, as well as pursue state, federal and grant funding.
    • Equity Consideration: This program is to aid non-violent 911 calls via community responders rather than Police. This program will provide services and resources for impacted individuals and families, most especially BIPOC, that have historically had negative interactions with law enforcement.

Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Neighborhoods

  • Includes an additional $350,000 from Measure N (Fund 2250) for Oakland Fire Department (OFD) over two years to provide additional emergency and medical resources for Fire Paramedic staff.
    • Equity Consideration: There is no discernable equity impact from this action.
  • OFD is allocating $220,000 in FY 2021-22 to purchase and replace new equipment including satellites and apparatus radios to ensure reliable emergency response communication, and replacement motors for the Marine 1 Fire Boat to ensure rapid response to emergencies on local waterways.
    • Equity Consideration: There is no discernable equity impact from this action.
  • Adds $6.0 million over two years for the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). This additional funding supports all City departments that respond to declared disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods, civil disturbances, and other emergencies that affect Oakland and nearby jurisdictions.
    • Equity Consideration: There is no discernable equity impact from this action.

Other Changes

  • The overtime budgets for both the Oakland Fire Department and Oakland Police Department have been right-sized to more closely reflect historical spending. The adjustment to the OFD budget was accomplished through a cost-neutral budget adjustment in which 29 vacant positions were eliminated and the assumed rate of vacancies was increased for Sworn positions. Of the current 79 existing vacancies 29 positions were eliminated. In some prior years, OFD was able to stay within budget despite spending well above its overtime allocation due to its high number of vacancies. This adjustment was done to increase transparency and to better reflect the resources required, both in positions and in overtime, needed to provide existing Fire services.
    • Equity Consideration: These budget changes increase transparency and reduce the likelihood of overspending by both Departments. More accurate budgeting reduces the likelihood that mid-year adjustments will be needed and reduces the risk of reduction in other City services that are essential to BIPOC communities.


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