Revenue Overview

Major Revenue Souces

The Town of Northlake has $33,753,618in revenues budgeted for Fiscal Year 2022, excluding bond proceeds and transfers in. The largest revenue sources for the Town are charges for service, taxes, fees, and Other revenue. Please click on the graph below for more information.

Charges for Services

  • Makes up almost 36% of all revenues
  • Primarily composed of Water & Sewer Revenues
  • Projected 28% increase in this revenue from last year due to:
    • a thousand new utility accounts


  • Fees make up 34% of total revenue for the Town
  • Impact fee revenue makes up 57% of fee revenue from the Town
  • Charged on new development for their impact on:
    • Water
    • Sewer
    • Roadway
  • Utilized to improve the system based on the Town's master plan
  • Development fees make up 32% of total fee revenues
    • Residential Building Permits make up a larges share of development fees
      • Projected revenue includes 1,140 residential building permits


  • 27 % of total revenue for the Town
  • Property Taxes support three funds in the Town
    • General Fund (47%)
    • Debt Services Fund (47%)
    • TIRZ #1 (6%)
  • Increased 24% from last year due to residential and commercial growth
  • Sales Tax is split between three funds:
    • General (50% or 1 Penny Sales tax)
    • CDC 4A (25% or 0.5 Penny Sales tax)
    • EDC 4B (25% or 0.5 Penny Sales tax)
    • Projected to decrease due to large one-time construction sales tax payments last fiscal year