Development Services

Development Services

The Development Services Department's mission is to protect Northlake's unique character and quality of life by strategically managing growth and ensuring quality development and construction. This department focuses on performance to provide exceptional customer service to our citizens and the development community. The department partners with Countywide Inspection Services, a SAFEbuilt Company, for building plan review and inspection services. Development Services is responsible for reviewing new development proposals, planning for further growth, long-term community sustainability, and ensuring building and development codes compliance. This department works closely with all town departments to ensure that the development process is coordinated and runs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

FY 2021 Accomplishments

  1. 372 acres annexed
  2. Transitioned to new permit tracking software
  3. Improved ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grade

FY 2022 Goals

  1. Implement an online permit portal
  2. Establish credit card online payment options
  3. Increase business recruitment with dedicated position

FY 2022 Changes

  1. Added two new positions, a Planner and an Economic Development/Grants Analyst, to handle increased development activity and to better utilize economic development and grant funds. The two new positions provide coverage of at least one position per department's core function.
  2. New office space to add new positions and provide room for future growth

The Development Services department is primarily budgeted out of the General Fund. The Director's position is budgeted equally between the General, Economic Development, Community Development, and the Hotel Occupancy funds. The proportion of the Director's position located outside of the General Fund was previously allocated to the Administration department.

Expenditures by Category

The Development Services department's largest expenditure is third-party inspection and review services, which account for 68% or $1,380,300. Payroll is 26% of the total budget, with the remaining 6% made up of internal services, supplies, and maintenance expenses.

Personnel FTE's

The Development Services Department increased its total FTEs by two positions. They added a Planner and an Economic Development/Grants Coordinator positions. These two positions will help decrease the processing time of development review and track ongoing economic development projects.

Residential Building Permits

Northlake is currently experiencing rapid growth in population and residential buildings. Development Services plays a role in managing this growth by issuing permits that ensure that residential buildings meet Town requirements, and permit fee revenue is provided to cover this service. Over the last five (5) years, Development Services has issued over 2,700 residential building permits.

Certificates of Occupancy

As part of the Town's strategic goals, the Council has encouraged the Town to develop a diversified tax base and attract high-quality and compatible commercial growth. Certificates of Occupancy (COs) demonstrate a building's compliance with building codes and that the business occupant is ready for operation. Since FY 2015-16, the Development Services has issued 82 COs, thus increasing Town property and sales tax revenues.

Acres Platted

Development Services seeks to help the Town of Northlake strategically manage growth by ensuring that developments are platted to conform with the requirements of the Town Council, the Northlake Comprehensive Plan, and the Town's codes. Since the fiscal year 2015-16, Development Services has processed plats covering 2,200 acres of the Town of Northlake.