Police Department

The Town of Northlake follows a community policing-based philosophy that values problem-solving. The Northlake Police Department (NPD) is focused on forming lasting community partnerships that will foster and maintain our ability to protect and preserve our neighborhoods and enhance the safety and security of residents and visitors alike. The Police Department works with community members to analyze neighborhood issues and formulate plans to eliminate problems. Collaboration is encouraged through training our employees and community members to recognize shared interests, trends, and opportunities. The Police Department values all individuals and their rights as human beings and carries out our duties with the proper respect and empathy. The Police Department strives to keep the community informed of events occurring in our community and educate the citizens on personal safety and property crime prevention. To accomplish this, NPD implements a community policing model that encourages the officers of NPD to communicate with citizens about crime prevention, safety, and crime occurring in the area. NPD pursues open lines of community and partners with the community to provide the highest quality of life for those who live, work or pass through the Town of Northlake.

FY 2021 Accomplishments

  1. Continued engagement in community events attended
  2. 1st Citizen Police Academy and Alumni Association
  3. Police App Program - Lateral Transfers
  4. Enhanced Racial Profiling data & transparency

FY 2022 Goals

  1. License Plate Reader Program
  2. Apply to become a TPCA Recognized Agency
  3. Increase the number of house Police Instructors
  4. Upgrade less lethal electronic devices
  5. Upgraded to Cloud storage for video

FY 2022 Changes

  • Added 3 police officers
  • Added 2 new police vehicles to fleet
  • Upgrade safety devices
  • Upgrade to Cloud Storage

The Police Department is primarily budgeted out of the General fund, 90% or $3,845,169. They purchased vehicles using the equipment fund and utilized other specialized funding sources such as the court technology fund, child public safety fund, police seizure/forfeiture fund, and the police special training fund.

Expenditures by Category

The Northlake Police Department's largest expenditure category is payroll, making up 63% or $2,677,293 of its total budget. With the largest staff of all departments, Police is the most significant contributor to internal services making up 19% or $815,164. The remainder, 18%, comprises capital, supplies, and services.


The increase in Police personnel over the past five years is in response to a growing population and a rise in police call volume. This year the Police added three new officers, one dedicated explicitly to traffic enforcement.

Police Workload Measure

Officers within the Northlake Police Department perform several tasks in an effort to successfully achieve its public safety mission. These tasks include animal control, performing arrests, writing reports, fielding and responding to incoming calls, and handling traffic violations. Over time, the number of tasks that Officers complete per year has remained relatively steady.

Crime Data

One measure of the police department's success is the number of reported crimes in a community. This measure can offer some insight into a police department's and communities ability to deter crime over time. Over the last five years, the number of reported crimes in Northlake has remained relatively flat, even with increased population growth.

The number of arrests performed by a police department can help demonstrate how successfully a department and community are in reducing crime and how active the department is in pursuing potential violations of the law. Since 2012, NPD has seen a decrease in the number of arrests per year, and for the last several years, arrests have remained relatively consistent.

As with the number of crimes reported and arrests, burglaries reported also offer insight into the Department's and Northlake's success in reducing crime. While data shows a spike between 2015 and 2017, NPD has seen a reduction in the number of burglaries since that time.