Town Manager's Office

Town Manager's Office

The Town Manager's Office provides leadership and direction for Town departments in the implementation of the Town Council’s strategic goals, directives, and policies. The Town Manager works closely with the Town Council and appointed committees to develop, analyze, and implement policy. The Town Manager's Office is responsible for the oversight and direction of all services and programs delivered to the community, residents, and visitors. The Town Manager plays a key role by collaborating with community stakeholders to formulate policy recommendations for the Town Council’s consideration. Additionally, the Manager establishes the direction and expectations for service delivery by developing, implementing, and monitoring the Town’s budget and capital improvement programs; coordinating activities with the strategic plan; and promoting responsiveness to all citizen requests.

FY 2021 Accomplishments

  1. Update Town Council Strategic Plan
  2. Annexed Properties into Town (Buchanan, Foster)
  3. Transitioned from general law to home-rule charter municipal governance
  4. Engaged transportation consultant for TXDOT coordination

FY 2022 Goals

  1. Return to and Maintain a 60/40 commercial/residential property tax split
  2. Finalize and execute ongoing plans (MTP, Water and Sewer Master Plans, Comp Plan)
  3. Provide quarterly progress reports to Council
  4. Developed and implement an online resident service and project tracking portal

FY 2022 Changes

As the Town continues to grow, Town staffing levels and positions have also continued to grow and develop. In FY2022 the Town Manager's Office added new positions and direct reports for a Human Resources Coordinator.

Expenditures for the Town Manager's Office have decreased due to the reallocation of positions to their respective departments. These expenditures have been filtered to only include the direct costs of the department. Past accounting practices used the department as a catch-all for expenditures not directly related to any one department.

Expenditures by Categories

Personnel is our largest expenditure category making up 67% or $535,132 of the department’s budget. Outside services make up 22% or $172,600 of the department’s budget. This includes the largest part of the Town's outside legal services. The remaining 11% is composed of internal services, supplies, utilities, and maintenance.

Personnel FTE's

Town Managers Office is the one department that has decreased in full-time equivalent (FTE) positions. This is due to separating departments into distinct groups. The primary decrease came from separating out finance, marketing, and development services (outside of the General Fund). The Town Manager's Office added a Human Resouces Coordinator in FY 2022.

Exercise Fiscal Responsibility

These are the sales tax totals through September of each year. In FY2021, Sales tax receipts hit an all-time high of $2.96 Million. This was due to $600,000 in one-time sales tax related to construction. Adjusting for the one-time sales tax spike last year, Northlake is projected to grow the sales tax base by $200,000.

General Fund ending fund balance is an indicator of financial health and stability. Maintaining an operating fund balance above 30% of operating expenditures is recommended by the state. The FY 2022 ending fund balance is projected to be at 47% of operating costs. Fund balance only grows when operating revenues exceed operating expenditures. Thus, making it a good efficacy measure for the management of public resources.