Systematically Invest In Infrastructure

Council Goal #4

Council Goal Icon #4

Maintain a Safe and Reliable Water System

Access to a safe and reliable water system is a critical service that the Town of Northlake provides to residents and customers. To maintain its water system, the Town has made investments to ensure that it can service its ever-growing water infrastructure. Since the fiscal year (FY) 2016-17, the Town has increased its ability to handle additional water maintenance requests per year, increasing from 101 completed maintenance work orders in FY 2016-17 to 1,220 completed orders in FY 2020-21.

Maintain and Improve Public Roadways

Well-maintained public roads within Northlake connect residents and allow access to various locations both within and outside of the Town. Maintaining and improving these public roadways for residents is a vital responsibility of the Town. Like water, the Town has worked to increase its ability to preserve and enhance public streets. In FY 2019-20, Town employees completed 64 maintenance work orders for public roads, the highest number of completed orders in a year over the last five years.

Develop a Hiking and Bike Trail System

Hiking and biking trails are essential community amenities and are part of the future of Northlake. A high-quality trail system within the Town can help fulfill recreational, transportation, and community connection purposes and increase Northlake's quality of life and community satisfaction. The Town of Northlake currently has more than 20 miles of trails within the Town limits and the Town's ETJ. More information on the Town of Northlake's trail plan can be found here and in the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan.

Improve, Construct, and Repair Road, Water, Sewer, and Drainage Infrastructure

Fiscal Year 2022 included $24,397,202 in capital improvements. Projects include:

  • Repair of Canyon Falls & Dale Earnhardt Road Failures
  • Faught Road Reconstruction (Old Justin to Robson Ranch)
  • North Elevated Water Storage Tank
  • South Elevated Water Storage Tank
  • Catherine Branch Water and Sewer Projects (Phase I & II)
  • Development Services Office Finish Out
  • North Ground Water Storage Tank
  • Water Line Oversizing Participation
  • Denton Creek Sewer Trunk Line - Phase I (Study)
  • South Area Water Improvements: Pump Station, Ground Storage Tank, and Water Line