Capital Projects Fund

Primary Fund for Long-Term Capital Development

Fund Description

Established in 2017, the Capital Projects Fund accounts for the expenditures of resources transferred from operating funds, the sale of bonds, and other revenues for major, long-lived, fixed-asset capital improvement projects associated with the town’s capital improvement program. These include infrastructure (streets, utility lines, etc.); public buildings (government offices, courthouse, police/fire stations, school facilities, airport facilities, etc.); equipment (expensive and costly items such as vehicles); and land acquisition projects. Capital projects accounted for in this fund are characterized by their cost (typically exceeding $50,000), relatively long operational life, and impact on a department’s operating budget. These funds are usually created to account for a single project or a related group of projects. They are closed when the projects are completed, even if that occurs over multiple fiscal years.

FY 2022 Projects

  • $2,600,000 for Florance Road (Strader to Yarbrough)
  • $2,400,000 for Faught Road (Old Justin to Robson Ranch)
  • $300,000 Fire Protection Lines (Shober & Bingham)

The projected budget years are based on how the project costs are anticipated to occur.

Ending Fund Balance

Capital Improvement Projects

Fund Data Table