Water & Wastewater

Fund Description

Established in 1997, Northlake charges user rates for water & wastewater services and deposits the revenue into this fund. This service is intended to be self-supporting. Thus, the Water & Wastewater (enterprise) Fund accounts for the operations of the water and sanitary sewer utilities and is responsible for financing water and wastewater services to residential, commercial, industrial, irrigation, and wholesale customers throughout the Town. The revenue gained from these service charges is legally restricted to financing or recovering the costs associated with providing water and wastewater services throughout the Town.

FY 2022 Changes

  • $51,724 Infrastructure Inspector (50%)
  • $94,019 Plant Operator
  • $78,637 Maintenance Worker
  • $59,136 Mid-Point Market Adjustment

Working Capital

Working Capital reserves dropped significantly in FY2019 due to increased wholesale costs without changing the utility rate. This reduction resulted from a highly wet summer that negatively affected revenue. At the end of FY2020 Town Council raised the utility rates for the first time in almost a decade. This increased by working capital reserves at the end of FY2021.


Personnel in the Water & Wastewater fund is split between two departments: Public Works and Finance. Public works provide the daily operations and maintenance of the utility infrastructure and testing, while finance handles the utility billing. As the Utilities grow, so will the staff needed to maintain the infrastructure.

Utility Workload Measures

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