Operate Efficiently and Effectively

Council Goal #6

Council Goal Icon #6

Provide Adequate Town Facilities

As the Town grows, the number of staff and the equipment needed to provide exceptional service to residents will increase. Providing adequate facilities allows the Town to continue to ensure that there will always be enough staff on hand to meet the Town's needs. The Town of Northlake has expanded from 4,800 square feet in 2018 to 13,000 square feet in 2020. The Town is currently constructing a new Development Services building with an expected completion date of April 2022.

Attract and Retain Top-Quality Staff

Providing high-quality services for residents requires a highly-qualified and motivated staff. To accomplish this, the Town has added 25 full-time employees (FTE) since 2019. These additions have allowed the Town to work towards expanding its ability to provide quality service while ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of Town operations for Northlake residents.

Provide Needed Technology and Equipment

Staying up to date and providing adequate technology allows Town staff to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently. The Town devotes a portion of its annual budget to funding the acquisition of needed equipment and technology.