Diversify the Tax Base

Council Goal #5

Council Goal Icon #5

The Town has been proactive in encouraging high-quality, compatible commercial business growth within the Town limits. This has resulted in various businesses located within the Town of Northlake. To attract these businesses, the Town offers multiple economic incentives. As displayed in the figures above, incentivized projects have helped diversify and raise the town's tax revenues, accounting for more than $2 million in tax revenue growth over the last five years.

Seek Urgent Care

Access to local, high-quality healthcare is an essential need for residents. While the Town of Northlake has not yet attracted an urgent care center, the Town has seen an increase in the number of healthcare-related businesses within the Town limits over the last three years.

Seek Senior Living

As they get older, seniors may choose to move from a house to an apartment. The Town of Northlake offers more than 1,000 individual apartment units that senior citizens can seek to rent between four different apartment complexes.

Attract Businesses to Diversify Future Tax Base

A diversified tax base is foundational to a solid and resilient community. A diversified tax base means Northlake is not overly reliant on any sector or industry for revenue. Since Fiscal Year 2014-15, Northlake has been able to add new homes and businesses, which increase both its retail and residential property tax values.