Police Asset Forfeiture Fund

Fund Description

Established in 2003, the Police Asset Forfeiture Fund accounts for the value of vehicles, cash, and other property associated with drug-related offenses or other specific criminal offenses seized by police in Northlake and liquidated. A contractual agreement with the Denton County District Attorney states that half of the proceeds from the sale of confiscated assets will be split evenly between the County District Attorney and the Town of Northlake. These seized assets cannot be liquidated at auction until a court transfers ownership of these items to the municipality. The municipality may use the funds in this account strictly for expenses related to public safety.

The Town does not budget revenues or expenditures from this fund because both are dependent on ongoing criminal cases. Revenues occur when seizures are turned over because of a ruling on a court case. Prior to this, the seized items are held in liability accounts. Expenditures are a result of court-ordered payments to other levels of government. Police may utilize the fund balance for specific purposes, but nothing is budgeted for the FY 2022 budget year.

Ending Fund Balance

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